Performed during childbirth, an episiotomy is a small surgical incision in the perineum to facilitate the birth of the baby.


Under what circumstances is an episiotomy indicated?

It may be performed when, during childbirth, the baby’s head is too big or the baby is breeching. This means there is a significant risk of tearing the perineum (which can lead to complications). The obstetrician or midwife may also decide to perform this surgical procedure if the baby shows signs of distress during childbirth in order to facilitate expulsion. Finally, it may also be performed during the use of forceps by medical staff.


Can an episiotomy cause discomfort?

It is a surgical procedure, which involves healing that can be long and sometimes painful, especially when nerves have been affected, but the inconveniences vary greatly from one woman to another.


What personal hygiene product should you use after giving birth? 

After the treatment prescribed by your doctor, it is essential to maintain an appropriate personal hygiene routine using recommended products. Finally, and subsequently, you can use moisturising and soothing intimate creams.

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