Intimate hygiene and care

Baby Oleo-Limestone Liniment

For changing, cleansing and caring for newborns and babies

The baby Oleo-Limestone Liniment is recommended for cleansing and nourishing1 your baby’s delicate skin. Its lipid-enriched formula with virgin olive oil cleanses as part of a daily hygiene routine.

The oleo-limestone liniment is perfectly suited for daily nappy changes and massaging the body after bathing. No rinsing required.


For optimum tolerance



Available in :
> 450ml : EAN 3401354212328

Tested under medical supervision.



Ingredients :Aqua, Olea europaea fruit oil, Glyceryl stearate, Calcium hydroxide.

Recommendations for use

For full-term infants and babies. Shake the bottle well before using. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with the eyes. For external use only. For changing baby’s nappy or after hygiene routine, apply directly or with a cotton cleansing pad. Do not rinse off. Preferably change baby’s nappy frequently. Thoroughly cleanse baby’s bottom and dry without rubbing to prevent any risk of irritation. Do not apply to weeping or abraded skin.

Seek medical advice if problems persist.


Can adults use the liniment?

No, Saforelle Baby Oleo-Limestone Liniment is tested under paediatric supervision and intended for babies.

Why is there a layer of olive oil at the surface of the bottle?

This is normal. Saforelle Baby Oleo-Limestone Liniment is made from olive oil; simply shake before use.

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For more informations:

1) Use test under paediatric supervision on 20 children aged 3 to 28 months; once-daily application for 21 days. Study ET-808, 16/04/2013

2) HRIPT study of the sensitising power under dermatological supervision on 100 volunteers with sensitive skin, repeated application under occlusive dressings for 6 weeks. Study ET-825, 25/06/2013