Underwear for teen periods

Saforelle Teens period panties are the new solution for young girls who do not want to worry about having their period.
Saforelle Teens panties are the solution for this. They can be worn every day in anticipation of periods starting, then at every moment of the cycle: just before or during her periods, to do sport or at night.
Saforelle Teens period panties are a classic pair of briefs: light, discreet and comfortable. The bonus is their innovative textile technology, obtained thanks to layering fabrics, which allows the flow to be well absorbed and avoid leaks.
Saforelle Teens Ultra-Absorbent Panties do not cause unpleasant odours and prevent feeling damp1. Gentle on the intimate area, certified Oeko-tex® and free of chemical absorbent,
Saforelle Teens Ultra-Absorbent Panties can be washed and reused. Their absorption capacity is guaranteed for up to 100 washes.


Available for:
> Age 12: EAN 3700399100936
> Age 14: EAN 3700399101414