Bladder weakness panties

Contrary to received ideas, bladder weakness can affect all women.

Saforelle is revolutionising women’s lives with its innovation: Saforelle® Bladder Weakness Panties!
This classic cotton underwear features innovative technology to protect you from light to moderate incontinence while remaining comfortable and discreet on a daily basis.

Patented ProtechDRY® technology protects against incontinence while remaining comfortable and discreet. Ultra-thin and comfortable, washable and reusable and Oeko-tex certified, they liberate all women!

Available in sizes:
Size 38: EAN 3700399100981
Size 40: EAN 3700399100998
Size 42: EAN 3700399101001
Size 44: EAN 3700399101018
Size 46: EAN 3700399101025