Perineal rehabilitation

La rééducation périnéale

Before using Saforelle PELVI’TONIC associated with KEGEL-type exercices, it's important to know how to locate your perineum and to be aware of yoour pelvic muscles in order to do the contraction exercices properly as part of perineal rehabilitation at home.

Rehabilitate the perineum by placing your finger inside your vagina for about 2 cm, place it on the inner wall while contracting your anus from bottom to top: you should then feel the contraction of your pelvic muscles. Avoid contracting your buttocks, abs or thighs.

Do not hesitate to place a hand on your belly to be sure not to contract the abdominals.

Once you have mastered the contraction of you pelvic muscle, you can insert the

Saforelle PELVII'TONIC device and begin the rehabilitation of the perineum by following the Kegel exercices.

Follow these 3 exercises to strenghten the perineum :


In a standing position, contract your perineum for 10 seconds, release 20 seconds, then contract again. Do a series of 10 contractions.


Lie on your back, arms along your body, legs bent and feet on the ground so that your back is flat on the ground. If necessary, place a cushion under the lower back.

Contract your perineum for 10 seconds, release 20 seconds, then contract again. Do a series of 10 contractions.

Alternative : this exercise can be performed by lifting the buttocks off the ground, while keeping the upper back and the feet flat on the ground.


Return to the position of exercise 2.

Take a deep breath and then exhale slowly while contracting your perineum.

Hold your breath while digging in the belly and inflating the chest. Hold for 10 seconds then release for 20 seconds. Do a series of 10 contractions. For effectiveness, it is important to maintain the contraction for 10 seconds. If you can't, start with a contraction of 2 seconds and then gradually increase. The contraction time should correspond to half the rest time (i.e. 20 seconds of rest for a 10 second contraction).

This intravaginal medical device (PELVI’TONIC) is a regulated health product which bears, under this regulation, the CE marking, manufactured by ECAREYOU Innovation SL., distributed by IPRAD PHARMA laboratories. Before use, carefully read the instructions in the user manual.