Pelvi' Tonic

Saforelle Pelvi' Tonic is the ideal solution for preventing bladder leaks as it helps strengthen and tone up the perineal muscles.

Pregnancy, childbirth and hormonal changes during the menopause or even intensive, repeated physical exercise can weaken the perineum. Bladder weakness is one of the consequences of a weak pelvic floor. How can you tone up your perineum? By regularly training the pelvic muscles to help them keep their tone.

Saforelle PELVI’ TONIC is an intravaginal, radiation-free medical device that vibrates when it moves, thanks to an exclusive technology that strengthens the perineum. At the core of Saforelle PELVI’ TONIC is the “Diamond”, a multi-sided metallic bead that causes these vibrations. When it comes into contact with the pelvic floor, it results in a reflex contraction of these muscles. Simply by wearing the device during your daily activities, you will be able to strengthen and tone your perineal muscles without thinking about it, and so prevent bladder leaks.