Period Panties

As an intimate care expert for over 30 years, Saforelle wanted to give women a new solution : protection that combines safety, efficacy and comfort: Saforelle Period Panties.

Oeko-Tex certified and free from chemical absorbent materials, Saforelle Period Panties is a washable and reusable sanitary protection. Their absorption capacity is guaranteed for up to 100 washes.

You can use this multi-use product at each stage of your cycle: in the lead up to or at the end of your period, alone or in addition to your usual protection, during exercise or at night, etc.

Its multilayer textile technology has been designed to absorb the equivalent of 3 tampons*. Saforelle Ultra-Absorbent Panties do not cause unpleasant odours, ** and prevent sensations of dampness.***