At Saforelle, our policies give top priority to the safety of our customersthe well‑being of our employees and the challenges of our modern world, in particular respect for the environment, access to healthcare for all and gender equalityThese convictions are the keystone of our CSR approach. This is what led us to follow the guidelines of the international standard ISO 26000, the reference framework for corporate social responsibility.



 With products that have been helping them take care of their intimate hygiene for 30 years. An educational campaign aimed at young women.

"The Missing Page" is the page that was missing from school biology books and that accurately covers the female reproductive organs in full. It can help all women become more familiar with their anatomy, so that they can then take better care of themselves.

Since 2006, without waiting for it to become a legal obligation, Saforelle has been offering extended paternity leave*, so that the spouses and partners of IPRAD employees can benefit from their support during these important life events.

Donations of intimate hygiene products to associations and structures that help women in precarious situations. This is the case, among others, of the association Règles Elémentaires or the city hall in the 10th district of Paris, located next to our offices, which redistribute basic necessities to women in need.


We are aware that the reduction of our impact on the environment will mainly be achieved through concrete daily actions, as well as through changes to our product offering. At our head office, we have taken several measures to reduce our environmental footprint:

  • Raising employee awareness during the Sustainable Development Week.
  • A more eco-friendly fleet of vehicles: our teams have been trained in eco-driving and we refuse to use diesel.
  • Double-sided printing and recycled paper by default
  • Selective sorting and recovery of our office waste by a specialized service provider that employs people re-entering the job market. Elimination of plastic cups and coffee capsules. A multidisciplinary in-house CSR working group.


  • Our teams have received eco-design training to take into consideration the environmental impacts of the product throughout its life cycle.
  • Our specifications are constantly updated to incorporate the latest environmental innovations as far as possible.
  • We pay particular attention to the manufacture of our products and strive to raise awareness about our approach among all our suppliers.

Short supply chain production:

  • Our suppliers are mainly based in France.
  • Our burdock, the star active ingredient in Saforelle hygiene and care products, is mainly grown in the Massif Central highland region.
  • We take particular care in sourcing our products, prioritizing quality over price.

More responsible packaging production

  • We increasingly use cardboard from sustainably managed forests (FSC standard) and/or recycled fibers to make our boxes.

Fewer packaging items:

  • We have removed leaflets from all of our care and cleansing products.
  • Whenever possible, we are gradually replacing the plastic of our bottles with bimodal plastic, which reduces the plastic produced per year by 9%.
  • Since 2009, we have been offering our Gentle Cleansing Care and Intensive Moisturizing Cleansing Care in eco-refill format.

Saforelle encourages recycling

  • To provide everyone with waste-sorting instructions and to reduce the environmental impact of our products, we have added a page all about recycling to our website. *32 days offered by IPRAD vs. 28 statutory days as of July 1, 2020 vs. 11 days formerly.