The female perineum

Le périnée féminin

What is a Female Perineum ?

What is the role of the Perineum in Women?

The female perineum, also called the pelvic floor, is a "hammock"-shaped set of muscles, which extends from the pubis to the coccyx.

The muscles of the female perineum work daily.

  • It supports the organs of the small pelvis (bladder, uterus, rectum).
  • It guarantees the tightness of the sphincters, i.e. the opening and closing of the bladder and the rectum, thus ensuring good continence.
  • It also contributes to sensations during intercourse.

What is a woman's perineum made of?

  • Slow muscle fibers that give it its strength and thus ensure the support of the organs.
  • Fast muscle fibers that contribute to the tightness of the sphincters.

The causes and consequences of a loose female perineum

The perineum in women is solicited daily.

It works almost continuously: when a woman has to urinate, sneezes, laughs loudly, or just when she stands up. This explains its tone.

Certain periods of life can be the cause of a relaxed perineum : this is the case of pregnancy, childbirth, menopause...

Specific situations can also lead to the relaxation of the Perineum in Women : the intense practice of impact sports, the carrying of heavy loads or even smoking.

What are the consequences of a loose female perineum?

A relaxed perineum can have an impact on the quality of life :

  • Urinary leakage, for 1 in 3 women !
  • A decrease in sensations during sexual intercourse

A necessity: strengthen the female perineum to guarantee its tone.

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