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The Power of Being a Woman

In December 2021, Saforelle launches a new campaign to reveal its new signature : “the power of being a woman”.

Saforelle’s mission is to support women at every stage of their intimate life so they can feel free and powerful. That what is showed in this movie : discovering their bodies during puberty, sexual intercourse, pregnancy or menopause – all are stages that women experiment during their lives and that they should live well.

At Saforelle, we think that knowing our intimacy it’s already knowing ourselves, Knowledge = Power.


The Missing Page

In France, only 1 biology textbook out of 8 accurately represents the female genitals*.

The clitoris is either absent incorrectly or partially illustrated. Most of the textbooks do not show any external depictions of the female genital organs.


How can you take care of your intimate area if you’re not familiar with it ?

The Missing Page by Saforelle, the page that’s missing from the Biology textbooks

Saforelle has created “The Missing Page” to help all women become more familiar with their genitals and take better care of themselves.

“The Missing Page” represents the female genitals in the most accurate, complete way.


See the page by clicking on the image below.

*Source : SVT Égalité

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