Irritations and intimate discomforts

Intimate irritation

Intimate irritation

Intimate irritation can occur in many different circumstances. It can be located in the vulvar and vaginal areas and be accompanied by itching, burning and unusual discharge.

What causes intimate irritation?

  • Using stripping soap (such as Savon de Marseille) for your personal hygiene.
  • An imbalance in your vaginal flora.
  • The presence of vulvovaginal mycoses or other types of infection.
  • Contact between the intimate area and urine or stool residue.
  • Using scented toilet paper.
  • Wearing synthetic underwear or excessively tight jeans.
  • Using fabric conditioner or overly scented detergent.

Simple steps and an appropriate personal hygiene routine can be enough to soothe intimate irritation:

  • Avoid vaginal douches, which can disrupt the vaginal flora. They are also pointless, as the vagina is self-cleaning.
  • Limit intimate washing to the external area (vulva and area around the anus).
  • Only wash your intimate area a maximum of twice a day, in the morning and at night, as excessive hygiene may maintain irritation in the intimate area.
  • Use hygiene products suitable for daily use in the intimate area. These should be soap-free and should contain a soothing active substance.
  • Use vaginal probiotics to rebalance the vaginal flora and limit recurrences of vulvovaginal infections (including mycoses).
  • If you have to take antibiotics, tell your doctor that you are prone to intimate irritation.


Infectologist/Medical Director, Fournier Institute