Perineum and urinary leakage


Les fuites urinaires

Contrary to popular belief, urinary leakage in women does not only concern women who have just had a baby or postmenopausal women: they can occur at any age !

1 woman out of 3*

is affected by urinary leakage.

A subject that impacts the quality of life

Women prone to urinary leakage avoird :

  • to laugh in public
  • group physical activities
  • sexual intercourse

´╗┐Urinary leaks in women : a still taboo subject

Most women prone to bladder leakage :

  • don't talk about it, even to their doctor
  • say they live with it when solutions exist

Urinary leakage in women is not a fatality!

*Source : pour-43-des-francais-lincontinence-est-un-sujet-tabou