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Sanitary Towels DAY

This is the fundamental intimate protection product, used by all girls starting their periods for the first time, before they ultimately turn to other solutions.

The Sanitary Towels are made from ORGANIC cotton and are clinically tested to be non-irritant1. The organic cotton sanitary towels guarantee safe absorption while protecting the intimate area.

When it comes to ethics, a look at the packaging and composition will show you that the organic cotton sanitary towels are 100% safe and 100% gentle:

  • They are made from ORGANIC cotton, hypoallergenic and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards)-certified for natural absorption, to help reduce the risk of allergy and to best protect the intimate area.
  • They are tested under dermatological and gynaecological supervision2.


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3 reasons for make the change to organic cotton

  • Change for safety
    Organic cotton protects the intimate area, as our sanitary towels are: super absorbent, fragrance-free and viscose-free.
  • Change for use
    Organic cotton offers natural absorption. However, you will need to change sanitary towels more frequently.
  • Change for gentleness
    Organic cotton helps reduce the risk of irritation and allergy.



Organic cotton

Cotton is ideal in terms of safety.

ORGANIC cotton is GOTS-certified. This certifies:

  • The ORGANIC origin of the textile fibres, guaranteeing non-intensive farming.
  • The manufacture of textile fibres according to strict criteria: no synthetic super absorbent materials, fragrance or viscose.

Recommendations for use

Change liners regularly

Opt for sanitary towels during the night

Avoid flannels, which are full of bacteria, and vaginal douches, which alter the vaginal flora.

Use a gentle, soap-free product such as Gentle Cleansing Care for your hygiene routine.


Why is the Saforelle range of classic protection products 100% cotton?

Sanitary protection products with a 100% cotton covering and core are recommended by gynaecologists, particularly for women with sensitive skin, as using traditional plastic and cellulose protection can cause problems with itching and irritation.

Cotton is naturally micro-aerated, meaning it allows the skin to breathe by regulating moisture levels to offer greater comfort and help you stay dry.

What is the added bonus of ORGANIC cotton?

Organic cotton is free from chemical pesticides, higher quality and gentler on the skin. It also has hypoallergenic properties. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards)-certified organic cotton certifies the organic origin of the textile fibres and guarantees the continuous improvement of ethical agriculture methods to ensure a better future for farmers, their communities and the environment.

How is Saforelle’s organic cotton bleached?

The cotton in Saforelle Cotton Protect is bleached using oxygenated water. In accordance with the GOTS certification method, Saforelle’s organic cotton is not bleached using chlorine.

Expert advices

Customer Reviews

10 customer reviews

  • Clémentine

    Really good experience, efficient absorption, no irritation, I recommend them eyes shut. I’m really happy to have found an effective product that takes respecting your body into account

  • Stéphanie

    The towel is super soft, the cotton doesn't irritate at all. Superb absorption. I’d like to be able to try other products from the saforelle brand again.

  • patricia

    They’re really efficient and resistant, super soft for once, I didn't get any friction burns from the towel. It didn't feel like I was wearing one, a dream... I’m going to start using them!! I’ve already bought 2 packs ha ha.

  • Sylwia

    It’s a big change for me. In a positive way of course. A cotton sanitary towel that absorbs really well. Thank you for letting me take part in this campaign.

  • Christelle

    Yes I was really happy to take part in this campaign. It gave me the opportunity to find out about a great product that’s natural. I’d be the first to recommend this product.

  • Virginie

    They’re soft, invisible, they’re not uncomfortable unlike other towels that can irritate you, they absorb well, really happy to have been able to try them, a product I really recommend. I’d like to try other products by the brand if the opportunity comes up.

  • Laetitia

    I’m happy to have been able to try this product which is really perfect, I didn't feel bothered in any way or have any leaks. I recommend this towel to those who can't tolerate what’s sold today.

  • Charlène

    I like the towels’ composition, they’re really absorbent with no leaks despite heavy periods. No smell. I have no problem in recommending these sanitary towels. I’m happy to have been able to try them and to have been chosen by the brand.

  • AMEL

    Indescribably soft and light, I really felt protected and at ease. Trustworthy and quality sanitary towels. No irritation

  • Martins

    I wasn't familiar with the brand but this enabled me to discover it. Efficient product, perfect. Really gentle, does what it’s supposed to. I fully recommend it, just perfect

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1) Evaluation of the irritant and sensitising potential, conducted on 25 volunteers-used 3 times a week for 3 weeks-SI.01.C_2011/766, 25/07/2011

2) Evaluation of the tolerance and acceptability of the product, conducted on 20 women – used for 3 cycles under dermatological and gynaecological supervision – SI.02.C_2011/1715, 16/02/2012.