Women's sanitary protections

Ultra-Absorbent Panties

As an intimate care expert for over 30 years, Saforelle wanted to give women a new solution: protection that combines safety, efficacy and comfort: Saforelle Ultra-Absorbent Panties


Oeko-Tex certified and free from chemical absorbent materials, Saforelle Ultra-Absorbent Panties is a washable and reusable sanitary protection. Their absorption capacity is guaranteed for up to 100 washes.

You can use this multi-use product at each stage of your cycle: in the lead up to or at the end of your period, alone or in addition to your usual protection, during exercise or at night, etc.

Its multilayer textile technology has been designed to absorb the equivalent of 3 tampons*. Saforelle Ultra-Absorbent Panties do not cause unpleasant odours, ** and prevent sensations of dampness.***


Available in 5 sizes (36 to 44) :
> Black, Size 34/36 : EAN 3700399100387
> Black, Size 38 : EAN 3700399100394
> Black, Size 40 : EAN 3700399100400
> Black, Size 42 : EAN 3700399100516
> Black, Size 44 : EAN 3700399100677


4 reasons to adopt them

ultra absorbent

ultra thin


washable and reusable

How do they work?


Ingredients : 95% Oeko-Tex® certified cotton, 5% elastane. Absorbent area: 27% viscose, 25% cotton, 20% polypropylene, 18% polyester, 10% lyocell

Saforelle Panties for periods have the absorption equivalent of 3 tampons. *Absorption test, study no.81894b, 19/07/2018


Which size should you choose?

What is their absorption capacity?

Its multilayer textile technology has been designed to absorb the equivalent of 3 normal-size tampons*.

*Absorption test, study no.81894b, 19/07/2018

How long should Saforelle panties be worn for?

The panties have the absorbent equivalent of 3 normal-size tampons, so the flow will determine how long they can be worn for.

If trying them for the first time, we recommend doing so at home. This will help you to get a better understanding of your flow and use Saforelle Ultra-Absorbent Panties in the ideal way (alone or in addition to your usual protection).

The panties can be used as your main protection or in addition to a tampon or cup for a very heavy flow if you are concerned about leaks.

For a light or normal flow, you can wear the panties throughout the day with no risk of leaks.

They can also be worn all night as your main protection, even for a heavy flow (as a reclined position limits the amount of blood you lose).

How many do you need?

We recommend having 2 to 3 pairs of Ultra-Absorbent Panties to cover the entire cycle.

If you’ve never tried menstrual panties, try one pair first. You’ll quickly be won over by this new safe, effective, comfortable and no-compromise protection!

How should I care for my Ultra-Absorbent Panties?

To optimise their effectiveness, follow these tips:

• Wash the panties before you first use them
• Do not use fabric softener during the wash, as it can reduce the absorption efficacy
• Do not iron the absorbent panties
• Do not use bleach
• Pre-wash cold by hand
• Wash at 40°C
• No whitening
• Can be tumble dried
• Do not dry clean

When should you wear Saforelle Panties?

There are as many different uses as there are different women! Here are a few examples:

• As prevention from the start of your period or at the end of the cycle
• Used alone during the day or at night
• In addition to your usual hygienic protection
• As a replacement for other protection during exercise

Expert advice

Customer Reviews

10 customer reviews


    Thank you for this product! I’m really pleased with them, they’re perfect to wear

  • Emilie

    I’m really happy to have found this alternative to sanitary towels for my oldest daughter who’s now more comfortable at night. I’m going to order two more so she can wear them throughout her period.

  • Nolwenn

    Really good item for feeling both safe but also staying discreet! I recommend them.

  • Florence

    I had the opportunity to try the product and I love it! Really nice to wear I didn't have any problems with leaking or anything, the panties protect really well. I really recommend this kind of protection. You can go and exercise or go on an outing with nothing to worry about with these pants

  • Betty

    A great discovery! Really practical when you’ve got your period

  • Mathilde

    I’m really happy to have the opportunity to find out about these panties which make a huge difference in dealing with my complicated periods!

  • amandine

    really good products, comfortable and absorbent, I recommend having a few pairs

  • Florence

    I loved these sanitary pants. They’re really practical to use and really nice to wear, light and comfortable. I had no leaks throughout my period. I recommend them

  • Audrey

    I wasn't sure at first but ended up convinced! At last you can get through a day without having to worry about anything!

  • Emilie

    Underwear that’s perfect for my daughter’s periods. I’m waiting for bigger sizes for me

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*3 tampons: Absorption test, study no.81894b, 19/07/2018

**Use test: 50 volunteers, sensation perceived by 82% of women

***Absence of feeling of humidity felt by 68% of women -2018/3239-31/01/2019