Irritations and intimate discomforts


Irritations and intimate discomforts

Some women are constantly on the look-out for body hair. Before you carry out your intimate hair removal routine, it’s good to know that the hairs have a function and are not just there to be the bane of your existence!

The hair removal method and “style” are up to each individual woman. Last, but not least, follow our tips to avoid minor “blemishes”.

Why do we have pubic hair?

The first function of pubic hair is to protect the vulva from infection by preventing the penetration of micro-organisms. Pubic hair also forms a protective barrier against shock, friction due to clothing or body friction during sexual intercourse.

There are various bikini-line hair removal methods for women:

  • How should you shave your pubic hair? With a razor or hair removal cream. These first two solutions are fast and inexpensive, but nevertheless regrowth is very fast.
  • How should you remove hair from your bikini line? With wax or an electric epilator. Highly effective with lasting results, they are, however relatively painful.
  • How can you permanently remove the hair? With pulsed light, laser and electrical epilation. Certainly the most radical but also the most expensive. They are especially effective against dark hairs on fair skin.

Intimate hair removal for women: the different "styles"

  • The conventional bikini line is slightly extended.
  • A French refers to highly extended bikini-line hair removal with no hair removed from the labia.
  • The Brazilian corresponds to hair removal from the bikini line and labia, with a few hairs left in the pubic area.
  • Full bikini-line hair removal: all of the hairs are removed.

How can women avoid minor "blemishes” after removing hair from their bikini line?

In-growing hairs, spots under the skin, infection, etc. – women’s intimate hair removal, whether full or classic, is sometimes accompanied by unpleasant blemishes we could well do without! Always use equipment that is perfectly clean and disinfected. Following hair removal apply a soothing cream to your skin to limit irritation and care for the delicate area.