Irritations and intimate discomforts

Intimate itching

Intimate itching

At some time or other during their life, all women suffer from itching in their intimate area.

Generally associated with mycosis (linked to the proliferation of microscopic fungi), itching in a woman’s intimate area can have other causes such as certain vulvovaginal infections (vulvitis, vulvo-vaginitis), skin disorders (psoriasis), etc.

It can also be accompanied by burning or local pain. Depending on the cause of this itching, other related symptoms can appear in various parts of the body.

Given the numerous causes, it is important to seek medical advice to establish the diagnosis.

How should you treat itching in the intimate area?

Depending on the cause of your vaginal or vulvar itching, your doctor can recommend suitable products (anti-infectious products or a dermatological cream). In addition to your treatment, the use of specific personal hygiene products with a soothing active substance is recommended.

How can itching in a woman’s intimate area be prevented?

First and foremost, avoid recurrence and adopt a good hygiene routine. Firstly, use appropriate personal hygiene products. Always ask the advice of a health care professional. Stinging sensations in the intimate area are not necessarily due to mycoses. This is why it is important to see a doctor. Only a doctor can prescribe a medicinal product for you to treat the condition.