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Florgynal Probiotic Tampon

Florgynal Probiotic Tampon: the only tampon that acts during your periods by releasing probiotics to restore your vaginal flora. 2 benefits for the price of 1!

Available with and without applicator

With compact applicator: 

  • Box of 9 compact tampons Super: EAN 3401051826613
  • Box of 9 compact tampons Normal: EAN 3401051826552
  • Box of 9 compact tampons Mini: EAN 3401051826491

Without applicator 

  • Box of 8 tampons Super: EAN 7350002723135
  • Box of 12 tampons Normal: EAN 7350002723128
  • Box of 22 tampons Eco normal: EAN 3401051125488
  • Box of 14 tampons Mini: EAN 7350002723111


Role of the lactobacilli

The lactobacilli that are naturally present in the vagina are your main defensive weapon against vaginal infection.

But sometimes, these lactobacilli are not present in sufficient quantities, which causes an imbalance of the flora, leading to vaginal itching, burning sensations and unpleasant odours.

It is recommended that you increase your lactobacilli with probiotics, to rebalance the flora. This probiotic tampon is the only vaginal probiotic with a local action in the form of a tampon. It acts during your period so you don’t have to give it a second thought!

Proven clinical efficacy1,2,3

Reduces vaginal discomfort: itching, irritation, etc.

Protects the vagina against bacterial imbalances

Restores the natural flora

Improves recovery in addition to an anti-infection treatment

Recommendations for use

Use Florgynal Probiotic Tampon as a regular tampon during your period, with at least 3 Florgynal tampons per day for 3 days of your period, and ideally for 3 cycles.


How long should you wear Florgynal Tampon?

The lyophilised probiotics in the tampons are only released at body temperature. As soon as the tampon reaches body temperature, having been inserted, it releases the probiotics, which take around 90 minutes to be diffused inside the vagina in order to protect it. Change the tampon every 4 hours.

Do the flow and duration of the period affect the efficacy of Florgynal Tampon?

It is recommended to use at least 3 Florgynal Tampon per day for at least 3 days of the period. Beneficial effects are observed from the first applications. For an optimal effect, use Florgynal Tampon for a duration of 3 to 6 cycles.

When should Florgynal Tampon be used?

Florgynal Tampon is recommended for all women on their period experiencing an imbalance in the vaginal flora, manifested by:

• unwanted symptoms: itching, irritation, burning sensations, unpleasant odours, etc.
• vaginal infection: vaginosis, recurring mycosis, etc.

Is the period the right time to restore the vaginal flora?

It is the ideal time to restore the vaginal flora because periods bring a greater risk of imbalance.

Where do the probiotics in Florgynal Tampon come from?

The patented LN (Lacto Naturel) probiotic in Florgynal Tampon is made up of 3 different strains of Lactobacillus, which occur naturally in the healthy vaginal flora and whose role is to help maintain bacterial balance.

Are there side effects?

Florgynal Tampon has been sold in Sweden since 2002 under the name Ellen. The existing perspective in Scandinavia shows that after the use of over 11 million units, no side effect has been identified.
There is no risk of overdose. You can use Florgynal Tampon with each cycle and for as long as you like.

Can you alternate a classic tampon with Florgynal Tampon and achieve the same efficacy?

It is certainly possible to alternate with other protection products as long as you use 3 Florgynal Tampons per day for a minimum of 3 days.

Can Florgynal Tampon be used outside a period?

This is not indicated in the recommendations for use. It is also likely to be difficult to insert a tampon outside your period, especially when suffering from an imbalanced flora and the accompanying irritation.

Why is Florgynal Tampon kept in a metal box?

The probiotics in Florgynal Tampons are better protected from light, heat and moisture in a metal box. This box provides better storage for the product.

Expert advice

For more informations:

This medical product is a legislated health product bearing the CE 0344 class II mark, in line with this legislation. Read the leaflet carefully. Ask your chemist for advice. 04/2019.

Double blind, placebo controlled study – 16 women – 2001, Report 16.02.2010

Double blind, placebo controlled study – multicenter study – 255 patients-2003, Report 16.02.2010

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