Underwear for teen periods

Saforelle Teens period panties are the new solution for young girls who do not want to worry about having their period.
Saforelle Teens panties are the solution for this. They can be worn every day in anticipation of periods starting, then at every moment of the cycle: just before or during her periods, to do sport or at night.
Saforelle Teens period panties are a classic pair of briefs: light, discreet and comfortable. The bonus is their innovative textile technology, obtained thanks to layering fabrics, which allows the flow to be well absorbed and avoid leaks.
Saforelle Teens Ultra-Absorbent Panties do not cause unpleasant odours and prevent feeling damp1. Gentle on the intimate area, certified Oeko-tex® and free of chemical absorbent,
Saforelle Teens Ultra-Absorbent Panties can be washed and reused. Their absorption capacity is guaranteed for up to 100 washes.


Available for:
> Age 12: EAN 3700399100936
> Age 14: EAN 3700399101414


4 reasons to use Intimate wipes

Double protection: anti-leak and anti-dampness1

Light – discreet – comfortable
They’re just like classic briefs!

Oeko Tex-certified Cotton Fabric
Free of super chemical absorbent. Gentle for the intimate area

Washable & reusable
Respect the planet. Absorption guaranteed for up to 100 washes.

Innovative textile technology


Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane.
Absorbent area: 27% viscose, 25% cotton, 20% polypropylene, 18% polyester, 10% lyocell.

What is the Oeko-Tex® label?

Oeko-tex® is certification given to products that respect precise specifications in order to guarantee their components’ textile safety.

Multiple uses

Before periods

During periods

Doing sport

At night

Recommendations for use

Saforelle® Teens Period Panties can be worn every day. If the flow is heavy, they will need to be changed regularly.
If there are any allergic reactions to the product or its components, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.

“What I liked about them is that they’re like real undies!” Marion

“You wear them like normal underwear and they’re really comfortable. And as they’re discreet you can wear them under all sorts of clothes.” Mélanie

“This underwear is like a mini revolution: super discreet and practical, they give you efficient protection while being really discreet.” Aurélie

“I used them in the middle of my period, all day, and no problems: the absorption was perfect! I was surprised that I didn’t notice any leaks, or odours.” Hélène


How long should Saforelle Teens panties be worn for?

How heavy the flow is will indicate how long they can be worn for.
If you are trying them for the first time, we recommend doing so at home. This will allow you to have a better idea of your flow and thus make the best use of the Saforelle Teens panties.
The panties can be used as your main protection or in addition to a tampon or cup for a very heavy flow and if you are worried about leaks.
For light to normal flow, they can be worn all day
They can also be worn all night as your main protection, even for a heavy flow (as lying down limits the amount of blood lost).

How many do you need?

We recommend having 2 to 3 pairs of Saforelle Teens period panties to cover the entire cycle.
If you’ve never tried period panties, try one pair first. You’ll quickly start using this new safe, effective, comfortable and no-compromise protection.

When should you wear the panties?

There are as many different uses as there are different women! Here are a few examples:
– While waiting for your period or at the end of the cycle
– Used alone during the day or at night
– In addition to your usual hygienic protection
– As a replacement for other protection during exercise

How to take care of them?

• Choosing the right size is important the best efficiency
• Before using for the first time, wash the panties
• The absorbent structure must be in contact with the genital area
• Do not use fabric softener during the wash, as it can reduce the absorption efficiency
• Do not iron the panties
• Do not use bleach
Can be washed at 40°
No whitening
Can be tumble dried
Do not dry cleaning

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1: Ultra-absorption: 6 drops. Suitable for moderate to heavy flows.
2: Use test under dermatologist and gynaecologist control – Efficacy observed by 25 volunteers – 2020-0110-04/2020.
3: Product test campaign for Saforelle from February to May 2019